REPOST: Tips to organize your kitchen cabinets

You do not need to possess high artistic or geometric skills to perfectly organize your kitchen. In fact, simply tweaking your kitchen storage is enough to cover half of the task..

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No matter what size kitchen you have, you can organize your cabinets to maximize your space. Professional organizer Andi Willis shares some tips on making the most use of your cupboards.

Willis says most people feel confined by the shelves that the cabinet makers make, but there are a lot of things you can do that will give you more space in the same cupboards.

One easy and quick fix is to get your knives off the counter. Willis says a magnetic knife rack is very helpful.

Willis also says use a small shelf riser to use that empty space in your cabinets. That will allow you to have more items in your cabinet and they won’t be staked on top of each other.

Willis adds another piece of real estate that we don’t use enough is the doors. You can put small hooks on the door and hand lids, measuring cups, and other small items that can be hung.

Lower cabinets can be tricky because they are deep and dark. Willis says it can be hard to get to the items in the back. She suggests using roll out shelves which will help you reach items in the back without having to dig through everything.

Stacking your pots and pans can also damage your cooking items. She suggests using a pan rack to stack your pots, lids, or cookie sheets. You can also use more shelf risers to stack your cooking items.

Kitchen cabinet designer and entrepreneur Frank LaMark is a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Visit this website for more kitchen improvement tips.


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