Four key elements to consider when choosing cabinets for your kitchen

The sheer variety of kitchen cabinet styles in the market is practically infinite. Before you get lost in the details, here are five key elements that can guide you to your kitchen cabinet match.

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Cabinet material

Kitchen cabinets can be made in hardwoods like oak, maple, birch,, hickory, or high-end hardwoods like walnut or cherry. They can also come in synthetic or hybrid materials such as laminate, melamine, thermofoil, metal, and stainless steel.

Door style

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Cabinet doors are perhaps the most visible part of your kitchen cabinets. Popular door styles for kitchen cabinets are Shaker, Louvered, flat, inset, beadboard, raised panel, and arched cathedral.

When in the market for kitchen cabinet styles, Frank LaMark of Cabinets Direct recommends having five to ten images of your dream kitchen and cabinetry on hand during canvassing to narrow down the search more easily.

Cabinet hardware

The pulls and knobs on your cabinetry should complement your chosen door style. Common hardware used with traditional Shaker cabinets are nickel and steel, vintage glass or ceramic, vintage pulls with exposed screws, tubular pulls, flat pulls, and accented wire pulls.

Cabinet color and finish


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Colored cabinets uplift the overall look of a kitchen. Create palettes by mixing and matching trios of a wood grain, a bright hue, and a muted tone or neutral. Stains are a good alternative to full color. They add a pop of tint but keep the beauty of the wood grain in focus.

Kitchen design professional Frank LaMark is president of Cabinets Direct, an online retailer of ready to assemble, custom kitchen cabinets serving customers in US, Canada, and South America. More of the company’s information, news, and updates can be found here.


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